Here at Bath Bomb Babes we are excited to introduce our new alchemy selection from our website. We have a few exciting new bath bomb boxes and treats for you.

Introducing the ‘Ouija’ Box. There are only a few so grab them before they vanish!

Colours of bath bomb skulls may vary and Ouija planchette may vary. Also there are two different types of skull soap, these will also vary.

This exciting new gift box will annihilate your perception on bathing! 
It is a perfect gift for those who love the unconventional.

Our 'Ouija' Collection comes gift boxed in black, hosting a whopping 228-240g of coffin bath bomb, included in this is the skull soap. Next out of the box are two skull shaped bath bomb. A cute ouija planchette keyring tops off this super cute box.

(The coffin bath bomb can be used whole or broken into smaller pieces to avoid the engulfing void experience)

Our bath bomb products are rich in avocado oil, to aid in healthy skin care. This rich emollient has a light rapid absorption, non-greasy texture aiding to unblock your pores maintaining healthy nourished skin. Recommended for use for all skin types including normal oily, itchy, damaged and problem skin. (This oil is highly used in baby care formulations)

All of Bath Bomb Babes soap can be used like any normal bar of soap but they are much milder. Simply rub the bar repeatedly between wet hands until you form a lather to clean your skin. Alternatively, rub the bar on a sponge then apply.

All of out products are vegan and do not contain alcohol.
Please see pics for colour and style variation.

This is the perfect pamper treat or gift (if you can let it go) :D


All of our products are hand made not mass produced therefore, the colours and styles may vary in shade (lighter or darker than shown) or not quite black, blue or purple but we will endeavour to keep it the same as much as we can. There may be fractures in the bath bombs but this does not effect the way in which they are used.The packaging i.e box and tissue paper may also vary in colour and style.

With every purchase you will receive a discount code for our website as a thank you :D

All of our products are cruelty free, organic and vegan. We are against animal cruelty. Please look at our other listings for more.

Ouija Bath Bomb Set with Planchette Keyring and Coffin Bath Bomb

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