About Us


Bath Bomb Babes are a small family run business based in Bridgend, Wales.


Our mission is to provide natural beauty products using the highest quality, animal-free, ingredients. Every product that leaves our shop is a vote in favor of supporting cruelty free options to make for a kinder planet. Therefore, all of the products you find in our shop are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone else who wants to buy products that do not involve animal testing and are free from animal ingredients.


Each product is designed to pamper and provide a treat for your body mind and skin leaving you feeling rejuvenated, improving the look and feel of your complexion.


Our organic based ingredients are complemented with the finest therapeutic grade essential oils, herbs and botanicals that really make a difference to the appearance of your skin. Resulting in extremely gentle products that are suitable for all skin types, colours and ages.


Product safety is ensured through research and testing by qualified personnel. Our range is manufactured to comply with European Safety Regulations.


Every product is handmade and hand packed making them unique and individual.






Ingredients We Use


We believe in continuous quality improvement and make constant efforts to improve the quality of our soaps and the ingredients we use in them.


Cruelty-Free/Not Tested on Animals

All of our products are officially cruelty free! Since the very beginning, none of our products or ingredients have been animal tested.


Lauric Acid - We use a plant-based lauric acid. Lauric acid is one of the fatty acids found in many vegetable oils. Ours is primarily filtered out of coconut oil, removing other fatty acids and impurities, leaving only the lauric acid. It has a rich and thick lather and disperses easily in water, making rinsing easier. We use food grade lauric acid.


Stearic Acid - We use a plant-based stearic acid. This comes from palm kernel oil that has had the other fatty acids filtered out, leaving pure stearic acid. It is a great cleanser because its particles attach to dirt and oil on your skin, loosening them so they are easily washed away with water.


We are constantly looking to expand the range of products that we sell in our online store and hope to keep adding new and exciting items as and when we are able.

So, please remember to keep coming back to check out the latest products at Bath Bomb Babes. If you have any suggestions for new products please let us know.


We'd love to hear from you.

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